The Number 12 Block - Villasin Balintawak Eskrima

Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Number 12 Block - Villasin Balintawak Eskrima

by Dom Lopez
The number twelve block is the mother of all blocks in the Balintawak Escrima. Except for very few blocks using the upper extremity, all blocks are derived from the number twelve block. To do number twelve block start with the right foot leading, as the strike is coming in both hands are thrust in the direction of the midline of the opponent (noise or spine). The elbows are kept bent, the right forearm is angled 45 degrees (like a salute) and makes contact with opponent’s forearm (around the middle part). The left hand is doing a palm-heel block, and is placed proximal to the right forearm. Now the right elbow is pulled in to the midline and the hip is turned to the right. This will automatically rotate the right hand so that it will end up facing the ceiling. When the fingers of the right hand are pointing vertically, the left hand is transferred in front of the right forearm a push to the opponent’s midline is executed. The right hand free to hit.


1. With relaxed left hand, slap opponents wrist towards the ground and hit with the right hand.
2. The left hand is checking, the right elbow is brought upwards. The right hand drops and with a snaking motion a strike is delivered.
3. The left forearm is dropped on the opponent’s forearm and right elbow can be used to strike.
4. The right hand grabs opponent’s right wrist with 3 fingers, by raising the right elbow thus allowing the right hand to turn toward the opponent’s wrist. A pull to the right hip with a simultaneous strike with the left hand is executed.
5. Elbow from the outside.
6. Shoulder throw from the outside.
1. Left hand on the shoulder.
2. Middle finger on the shoulder
7. Knee lifting throw.
8. Head throws.
a. Left hand on opponent’s mastoid bone.
b. Right hand on opponent’s mastoid bone.
c. Left hand on the opponent’s back and the right hand on the forehead.
d. Left hand on the opponent’s back and the right hand pushes upward on the chin.
e. Left hand on the opponent’s left triceps and right hand on opponent’s left ear.
f. Same as above with right foot behind opponent’s right knee.
g. Right hand pulling opponent’s right wrist and left hand on opponent’s left ear. The left foot is at the back of the opponent’s right knee (opening a newspaper).
9. Turning the opponent by placing left hand on opponent’s triceps and push to his opposite shoulder
10. Hand traps
a. Right hand checking opponent’s guarding hand.
b. Left hand checking opponent’s guarding hand.

Highlights in the benefits of training the no12 block.
a. Bambooing motions are done intensively in the training for the no12 block
b. Training in the simultaneous use of the 2 hands to do a technique.
c. Mastering no12 block will automatically enable one to master the number one and number two blocks.

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