Throwing Basics

Friday, November 19, 2004

Throwing Basics

In the Balintawak system of Escrima throwing is greatly emphasized. Throwing is usually the technique that concludes the fight, the victory belonging to the thrower.

General comments on throwing
by Dom Lopez

1. Throwing techniques are generally applied following the breaking of the opponent’s structure, or after stunning him with a sharp hit to the eyes, neck, solar plexus or groin.

2. Throwing can be the gentlest or the most deadly technique you can exert on your opponent.

3. Punching the head or face is discouraged in the Balintawak system for the following reasons;

A. The opponent will be dislodged from his footing. Moving his feet and body will create difficulty for your precise placement of your hands for the throw.

B. You can break your hand against a head bone or teeth.

C. Many guys can take a punch (street fighter, boxers, and people on drugs or alcohol). This means your punch has to be a knockout punch 100% of the time. Otherwise the fight becomes long drawn.

4. How to get into a throwing position;

A. If you’re playing defensive, do any of the 1st to the 4th category of the MUESTRA.

B. When a throw is applied following a hit, throw your opponent in the direction of where his body is leaning to.

D. You can play the offensive role by using the initiating hit.

5. If your throw is not efficiently executed because of;

A. The opponent has moved drastically from his initial position.

B. The opponent is trying to counter your throw.

DO NOT insist on your intended throwing technique. Resort to an alternative throw.

6. If you’re intended throwing hand is blocked, use a snaking or a slipping in technique and proceed with throw. Alternatively you can change the hand used for the throw, so instead of the left hand you switch to the right hand.

7. Visualize the point to which you want your throwing hand to touch the floor. That point is either in front of the lead foot or between the two feet.

8. Possessing the ability to hit which for the most part the opponent cannot defend is one of the best assets you can learn in Escrima. Stands to reason that if you can hit once with a telling strike, to hit again successfully would be much easier. This refers to our initiating hit.

9. In properly executed throws especially a head throw, not a great deal of force is needed. In fact if you are applying more than 20lbs of force, you need to practice more and refine your technique.

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