Basic Stance - Balintawak Esrima System of Self Defence

Friday, November 19, 2004

Basic Stance - Balintawak Esrima System of Self Defence

By Dom Lopez
Basic stance is three points, front foot ball and heel, rear foot ball of foot. Hands would be like hidden arm.


1. Face opponent at 45degrees relative to him/her.
2. Always focus eyes at level of lower chest. Make sure elbow and knees are seen of opponent.
3. Drop lead hand in front of thigh of lead leg in a very relaxed fashion, guarding hand is in front of chest. Not the side.
4. Knees bent deeply (like in about to run position) feet fairly wide apart. Feet are always parallel to each other and on three points (tripod principle).

Defense (hand position)

1. In close fighting, designate one hand for blocking lower parts and the other for upper targets.
2. To block the upper targets, from the forearm that it is angled at 45degree as if doing a military salute (umbrella principle). The tip of the fingers are the same level with the crown of the head. Move the head so that it looks like hiding from the blocking hand. For upper targets block by moving forearm side to side.
3. The lower blocking forearm is bent at the elbow and moved from side to side instead of up and down.
4. Evasion can also be used by sliding a leg forward or backward.
5. Bambooing bending at the waist but maintaining the quasi position. Bambooing can be to the side are back.


1. Doing a fence lunge, slide the lead leg widely and hit with the lead hand. This has to be done in an explosive manner. To explode you have to be relaxed.
2. Use of the lead to initiate attack. Chamber leg and then hop with supporting leg at the same time doing a front snap kick or side kick with the lead leg.
3. Use of the rear leg. Chamber the rear leg hop a good distance toward the opponent and kick, this is a good initiating move to distract opponent's attention so you can attack with the hands.

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